SCORM and Related Materials

Courses and Shareable Content Objects

  • SCORM Courses We have three courses available to help you and your organization learn more about the Shareable Content Object Reference Model.
  • FIPSE Grant Sharable Content Objects (Free) More than 80 lessons on online teaching and facilitation developed under a 3-year FIPSE grant.

AADLC Open Source Code and Programs

  • LibSCORM Library to assist e-Learning content developers in creating SCORM-conformant courses. Implements common shareable content object tracking and communication functionality. Features like timing, bookmarking, and navigation are built in.
  • Local Content Server The Local Content Server transforms Plone into a robust Learning Object Repository. It supports IMS content package transport, content preview, and object identification and registration.

Past Presentations

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Past Articles and Papers

Following are links to a number of publications by AADLC personnel and associated faculty written prior to 2005.

Learning Object Repository Papers

SCORM and Learning Object Papers

Papers by the Games, Learning, and Society Research Group (formerly GAPPS)

Note: GAPPS has now become Games, Learning, and Society (GLS) and more information can be found at the GLS website.

Women and Video Gaming: Gendered Identities at Play, paper (PDF) presented by Elisabeth Hayes at the Games, Learning, & Society Conference, Madison, WI, June 2005

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Joint Papers

James Paul Gee

Richard Halverson

Elisabeth Hayes

Kurt Squire

David Williamson Shaffer

David Williamson Shaffer’s Medical Education/Simulation/Training Papers

Constance Steinkuehler

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