IMS Conformance Evaluation
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Thank you for considering IMS Conformance Evaluation. This program serves to independently verify vendor claims of conformance against IMS specifications. The vendor is responsible for self-testing the product and ensuring it is compliant to applicable IMS specification(s). If your product is positively evaluated, your company will be eligible to use an IMS Conformance Logo in association with the product and to be publicly listed on the official IMS Conformant Product website

Getting Started

First, download and review the IMS Compliance Program Policy Document (You will need a PDF program like Adobe Reader to open this file).

Next, collect evidence of conformance. Head to the Evidence Page to get a full listing of required and optional evidence for each product class.

Next, please fill-out some required documentation and submit it to the Testing Center along with your evidence. Go to the Forms Page to download the required forms.

After the Wisconsin Testing Organization has received and verified all forms for completeness and accuracy, we will begin evaluation. This process is very simple. We will examine the evidence provided for each specification and verify, in the best judgment of our verification team, that the evidence proves conformance.


  • $500 to evaluate a new product
  • $250 to renew a trademark license
  • $100 to change the name of a verified product

How to Contact Us
Wisconsin Testing Organization
222 W. Washington St., Suite 470
Madison, WI 53703 -2793
Voice: +1.608.263.6657
Fax: +1.608.265.0070


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